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We must never judge a book by its cover, riding a hard tail is not a step backwards nor is it old-fashioned! Riding a hard tail is for whose who want a unique experience on their bike and who seek a simple and spontaneous feeling. Thomas (Product Designer & Engineer at COMMENCAL) said, "Honestly, you can ride as if on a pump track but on trails in the mountains, because you can really play with your bike and with the terrain. When you feel it accelerate it’s a different emotion. In addition, the enduro-specific geometry means our bikes descend really well. And maintenance is easier. You leave your bike in the garage and when you get it back out again you don’t have to worry about tyre pressures..." MADE FOR EVERYONE, all ages will enjoy these bikes because the META Enduro Hard Tail range starts from 20 inches in size!
Designing high-end frames for children with a specifically adapted build kit didn’t happen over night. For several years now we’ve enjoyed testing new products on employees’ children. It's so convenient and it’s a real quality guarantee! All details and the specifics of their small frames are well catered for with a choice of transmission, brakes and suspension etc. Today this META HT Kids range starts with a 20'' model, plus you have the 24'' version and now a 27.5'' META HT JR. Are you afraid you’ll turn them into a spoilt kid? No chance they’ll be too busy to riding!
With very little price difference between them, it is better to have a good hard tail bike, than a bad full suspension set-up. There, we said it! The META AM HT is a true enduro bike with 27.5” wheels and a longer travel fork. Here we’ve favoured the ability to go downhill and dealt with the need to absorb large shocks. This is different way to design a hard tail bike.  It’s made from pure COMMENCAL DNA. This is a bike for modern-day mountain biking, committed and fun!